Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aftermath of love

Do unto other before they do unto you. Slit their throats, watch while they bleed, and laugh while they slowly but surely lose life from their eyes.

Isn't that how the world works? Isn't that how we work? Isn't that how we have been living? It’s difficult to judge people. Especially when all you see in their eyes, is a reflection of what you are.

Cold, stubborn, relentless and unworthy. When you laugh at how ugly their hearts are, you are mocking no one but yourself.

When does it start? This downhill trip… I reckon no one has the answer.
One moment you’re the fifth mountain, the one that has endured the rain, the winter and the storm. Next moment you’re in ruins. Enduring the insufferable aftermath of love.

While you sit in the corner and brood over what has become of you, your eyes well up. Not because you think you deserve better.

You weep because you have to brave this storm. You have to be strong. When all you want is to crumble to pieces. To be torn in shreds. To be eaten by the earth. To be swallowed by the waves.

There’s only so much pain one can endure, after that it’s living a purposeless life. Dependent on friends to help you sail through the ordeal.

And there they are, strong pillars, doing everything in their might to keep you from drowning. And what do you do? You kick and push and shove them away. You beg the water to consume you.

But how much will your friends swim for you.

How much can they breathe for you?

How long can they live for you?

Is it fair to them?

I’ll leave you with these questions.

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