Simple GoodBye.

I need you to know….that this wont last.

The times we’ve spent won’t come back.

I’m not here forever you see,

Neither are you or any of this.

What we had is too dear to be forgotten,

In you’re memory it’s engraved.

I won’t be in your future that’s true.

But the past was a future we dreamt.

I’m leaving you here, for you to live on.

Cause I know without me you’ll be strong.

And as I go I promise you.

Whenever you need me,

I’m IN you.


yash_656 said...

Nice! :)

Myshelle said...

thx:p it was tooo smiple n was wondering whter i should post it or not.

yash_656 said...

It's not simple..its soul stirring.. mean it..

Myshelle said...


JakeWobegon said...

There will come a day when I pass and enter into the Glory of Heaven. When that happens, I want this printed on my memorial service program & read. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm letting Sara know just to make sure... ;]

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