Prodigal Daughter.

Most of us don't really like Hindi lectures is school or college, Id say I'm an exception. Because the Hindi kavita's that I've grownup reading, were almost always an inspiration.
Be it Kabir vani, or Meera's poems about Lord Krishna, Or Saint Surdas talking about the Almighty.
Always creating melody from the deepest corners of their hearts. I sure am nothing as compared to those great poets, but this piece is like a Thank you to them, for teaching me so much, about life, love, and The Almighty, its called "Prodigal daughter".
The prodigal son was taken back by his father into the family.
He rose back from the dead, said the father.
The question however is, Will a daughter ever be taken back?
Will the stains that cloud her soul ever be forgotten?

प्रोडिगल डॉटर|  

निकल घर से में चली, मोह-माया की ओर,
खींचती  मुझको  जैसे  बंधी  कोइ  डोर |

जिस  तरह  चाँद  खींचता  हे  समुन्दर  की  लहरों  को,
उसी  तरह  बंधी  हूँ, मोह -माया  से में भी  यु |

छोड़  आई  अपने  कुल  का  नाम,
उस  अनजान  मार्ग  पर,
जो  चल  पड़ी  थी  में,
सारी  लज्जा  त्याग  कर |

क्या  आ  सकुंगी  वापिस ?
कया  अपना  लोगे  आप ?
जो  दाग  लगा  हे  मुजपर   |
क्या  भूल  पाओगे  आप ?

दिलदार  नहीं  हे  दुनिया ,
नाही  उसमे  प्यार |
ना  हूँ  में  एक  बेटा ,
ना   किसी  के  कुल  का  चिराग |

में  तोह  हूँ  एक  बेटी,
भूली   भटकी , जो   अब  वापिस  हे  लोटी |
क्या  मुझको  मिल  पायेगा ,
एक  मोका ?
दूसरी  ज़िन्दगी  का  उपहार?


Haddock said...

Come to think of it, never thought of a situation of a prodigal daughter.
Worth pondering.

Ashwin D said...

It's beautiful and the beauty i mean to say is that, it's completely shown that the heart has been poured out~ <3 Keep Writing :) God Bless

Mitchelle Rozario Jansen (Myshelle) said...

Thanks Ashwin. =) Appreciated.

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