A poem i wrote 5years ago, long long time back. found it among the old, dusty folders.
About it? - Its simple.

Emptiness is what I feel,
A hollow heart to show.
I'm running still away from you,
Somewhere I believed, I would never go.

You reckon I love you,
And you said you always did,
Then why today am I alone?

I waited for you as long as I could,
I waited till my heart was torn.


But i fathom today,
That with a smile, I'll have to let go Afterall
If it wasn't for you,
i wouldn't find the strong woman,
inside the girl.

I am strong enough to say goodbye,
with a never fading smile.

For this I know you'll miss me,
If not always,
but someday, even Just for a while.


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